Why I’m Running Against Mitch McConnell in the 2020 Election for U.S. Senate

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A call to action

When my dad told me that Medicare wouldn’t cover the cost of his dentures, I was speechless. He worked hard for decades to provide for me and my sisters. It wasn’t easy, either. My mom died when I was four years old, so Dad had to go it alone. Surely after so many years of paying into the system he had earned a set of teeth, right?

Well, according to the system, that’s not good enough. All Dad expected when he retired was to be treated fairly. Dad kept up his side of the deal by paying in during all of his working years, but Social Security and Medicare haven’t kept their side of the deal.

But why is that? These programs were designed to take care of us in our golden years, after a lifetime of hard work where we took care of our country. But for a lot of people, Social Security and Medicare don’t even cover the bare necessities.

Corrupt Mitch McConnell is stealing from us

If you look at what politicians like Mitch McConnell have done, it’s easy to see why. There’s plenty of money to go around when Mitch needs to pay back corporate donors or kneel to foreign interests. However, when it comes to serving the people who gave the government their hard-earned money, Mitch acts like the coffers have run dry.

Mitch McConnell has found plenty of ways to funnel money to his friends, too. Emails reveal he coordinates project funding with his wife, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao. Are you a big-money McConnell donor that needs a few extra bucks? Email Mitch and waltz your way into a government grant!

How do we working class Kentuckians benefit from Mitch’s buddies getting backdoor deals? Mitch has demonstrated time and time again that he only cares about you if you line his pockets. That’s not fair, and I intend to change it.

The working class deserves true representation

I’ve worked hard to provide a good life for my son. It’s not as easy as it used to be to make ends meet, and I worry for the future. My family came together to cover my dad’s needs, but not everyone can do that. And even if they can do that, is it really fair? How is it fair that we can work our entire life yet never feel secure?

I work long hours, and it’s honestly a challenge to run for office when you have a normal job. Mitch McConnell wouldn’t know that, but I do. Even before this campaign, there were plenty of days where I barely had time to eat dinner before bed.

So why am I running? I’m tired of it. Why does Mitch McConnell get to make money off of our hard work? It’s ridiculous, and I want to fight to change it. It shouldn’t be so hard for regular people like us to run for office. Mitch has done it his entire life because it’s easy when you’re rich. I’m not rich, and I’m not running to get rich. I’m running to make it so you don’t have to be rich to have a good life.

What does that mean? First, we need campaign finance reform. It should be hard for corporations to influence politicians, not the status quo. Good candidates who represent the people’s interests should be able to run without bowing to corporations, without latching on to corporate lobbyists, and without worrying about the power imbalances that exist today and have kept bad people like Mitch McConnell in power. HR1 makes it easier for working class people to run for office, but Mitch McConnell single-handedly stopped the legislation from reaching the Senate. His rationale? “I get to decide what we vote on.”

Second, we need election reform. It should be easy for every American citizen to vote. But in many states, Americans are disenfranchised. Their voter registration databases are purged without warning. Polling places are shut down for indefensible reasons. GOP candidates have even been caught committing illegal election fraud. On top of all of that, partisan gerrymandering gives whichever party is in power the ability to re-shape congressional districts, ensuring they have an unfair advantage in the next election. None of this is right or fair. Together, we can make it fair.

Let’s Ditch Mitch McConnell

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Kentucky first—not corporations

Unlike Mitch McConnell—who thrives on corporate donations and Super PACs that work against our interests—I refuse to accept donations from corporations. I want to support the will of Kentuckians, not the wildest dreams of corporate interests. When you speak to me—or any other elected representative—you should rest assured that I have your best interests at heart, not those of billionaire CEOs who want to expand their power.

When you vote for me, you’re voting to restore the balance of power between the people and its government. We’re going to transform the unfair deal we’re getting into one that is inherently fair. If you pay into Social Security and Medicare, you earn Social Security and Medicare worth having. When you cast your vote, you know it’s being counted. If you voice your opinions to elected officials, you believe that you are truly heard. Fairness and opportunity are fundamental aspects of the American Dream, and it’s a dream that can become true for all of us.

Believe in Steve

Let’s work together to ditch Mitch McConnell for good. Kentucky deserves a Senator that represents our values. I want to be that Senator, and with your help I will be. Join me in giving all of us a stronger voice to help move Kentucky and America forward.

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